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Uploaded new Version TheTwoBrothers 1.1
Fixed not achivebal gold monopol

This map is ment to be really hard!

The Two Brothers

After weeks you see the sunshine for the first time again. The storm was hard and nearly cost you everything. But in the far you discover a few Islands.
And as you have no water supplies left you set sail. In the afternoon one of your sailors discovers a sail on the horizon. Your crew and you are glad as you see the flag, its your brothers ship. They've made it through the storm as well. And got driven to the same undiscovered shore. But you find the Island quite inhabited, as there are not only pirates here, but also a tribe of natives.
Talking to the natives you find out that there are many other tribes, but they also tell you of some pirate hideouts, hidden on different Islands. As your brothers' ship arrive on the shore you are bringing yourself the first barral of water on his ship.
And you both talk about your choices, drinking your last sip of liquer. You dicide that there is no other way than building a small village to fill up your supplies. And you need Settlers to pay you taxes, as your purse is empty. If there is any Gold you want to control it, than all of this would be repaid. And you want strong friends against the pirates, 200 Aristocrats in a city of 600 inhabitants, should help with that. Your brother smiles as he whisphers, "... and Twentyfivethousand gold coins... "
The thunder of canons rip you out of your dreams, you look at your brother and you both know, that the pirates have to be defeated to make all this true. And who knows, their might some treasures in there hideouts...
Just unzip it, and pack the two files in your own senario folder.

Have fun!
Tips (Please don't read if you dont really want to)
You can take over Pirate Island
Watch you TOOLs!
Watch your money/cash balance
Toolmaker 100 settlers
Alcohol on 50%
Don't fight the natives if you dont have to!

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